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This family tree is being compiled with the idea that it should, as far as possible, show all ancestors and all their siblings and in-laws. In some cases the tree is extended further.

I am in the process of loading the data. I have much more than is currently shown.

No people still living are shown.

My ancestry is given a different colour from non-ancestry.

The links below give access to my closest non-living ancestor with the surname indicated.

By clicking a person's name, once in the tree, the details I have about that person will be shown.

By clicking the "<" symbol, that person's known parents and siblings will be shown, and by clicking the ">" symbol, that person's known spouse and children will be shown.

When I have loaded any photographs of, or including, that person, clicking the word "photographs" will show them.

Codes are given against each element of information, indicating from where the information was taken. A list of these codes, and their meanings, is given in Appendix A, below.

NOTE: Some of the content I have researched myself, such as Parish Registers: from my point of view it is therefore primary data. Other information I have is from other people's research, such as the International Genealogical Index and the Internet: from my point of view it is therefore secondary data. From the point of view of any other person, all the information shown here, from wherever I obtained it, is secondary information, and the advice is to check it.

My Nearest Known Ancesters By Surname

(a) Links to lines loaded so far

Harriet BAKER
Caroline BORDER
Elizabeth COX
Elizabeth COXON
Margaret HAUGHEY
Marguerite ROBERTS
Margaret SCOTT
Rosabela STARKEY
Sarah WEST
Caroline WILSON

(b) Temporary links


(c) Lines not yet loaded

Sarah Blanchard
Elizabeth Bligh
Mary Brown
Ann Burnett
Ann Byers
Mary Carney
Elizabeth Collinson
Jane Dickinson
Elizabeth Elding
Jane Foster
Elizabeth Gidley
Joan Gilbert
Elizabeth Horsham
Mary Jackson
Margaret Kirton
Catherine Olive
Jane Pae
Mary Pinkney
Ann Porteous
Catherine Pout
Eleanor Salmon
Sarah Sloman
Catherine Tomlison
Esther Turner
Marie Verre

Appendix A: Provenance Codes

AD Archived document not otherwise coded
BC Baptismal Certificate
CR Census Return
CT Certificate (birth, marriage or death)
DA Decree Absolute
GI General Index (birth, marriage or death)
IG International Genealogical Index (IGI) (Mormon Index)
JLD Witnessed by myself
MI Monumental Inscription
NR Non-conformist Register
PD Privately-owned document
PR Parish Register
PRI Parish Register Index
WL Will
WLI Wills Index
WWW World Wide Web
XX Word-of-mouth, letter, other family tree etc.

Where an "*" appeaers after the code, I have transcribed the document.

When there is more than one of the same kind of document on a page, I have numbered them.

When the same document is repeated on the same page, rather than repeat the link, I show an "=" symbol.

Appendix B: Contact Details

Email address: remove the spaces
j o h n _ d a r n t o n @ h o t m a i l . c o m
John Darnton, September 2010